Not Just Eye Candy – I Talk Good Too!

As I have become comfortable with this crazy idea that faith and science can play nicely in the sandbox, I’ve also discovered that a lot people struggle with the same questions I have. Turns out, I love talking about all this stuff and what I once considered a subject over-loaded with tension and worth running from, I now find faith building worth talking about!

That’s why I have made myself available to speak to youth groups, men’s groups, small groups, seed glass collectors or any other collection of humans that are interested to hear how I survived during my unscripted slide into “faithless…full..ish-ness”.

A big part of my story is about doubt. Coming to terms with those questions that are necessary and often a mandatory ingredient in the growth process. As a “recovering creationist”, I have a unique perspective on how we should consider or reconsider our theological leanings and I consider it an honour to stir the pot regardless of whose kitchen I find myself in.

Send me an email and I’ll be happy to discuss your upcoming event.

“Calvin is genuine, thoughtful and hilarious. He engages people in a non-intimidating way but he’s not afraid to approach controversial topics. He’s open, honest and loves conversation. Calvin is an excellent host, teacher and listener and he comes well prepared with analogies, illustrations, and discussion. I highly recommend having him share with your group no matter where they are at in their walk of faith.”

~Aaron Chan
Young Adults Co-ordinator,
North Langley Community Church, Langley, BC Canada

“We really enjoyed having Calvin come to speak at our men’s breakfast. I’ve known him for many years. His honesty and clarity are refreshing. God has gifted Calvin with the ability to pose the hard questions with humour and conviction. He presented the importance of asking such questions and at the same time enjoyed poking fun at our narrowness.”

~Rod Harris
Men’s Ministry
Calvary Baptist Church, Coquitlam, BC Canada

“…It’s not easy to find a guy who claims to have a mind for both faith AND science and yet shows so little grasp of either. We’re still cleaning the drool off our podium!

~Jason at “Deep Thinkers & Deep Dish Pizza Night”, sponsored by Ed’s Lawncare and Catering – “The Grass is Always Greener with Our Lime Vinaigrette”, Abbotsford, BC

“…Stop calling me to ask if you can rent one of my bow ties for your next gig. I’ve told you a dozen times, the tie won’t make you look smarter. It only works on Bill Nye because he IS smarter!”
~Ricardo, exclusive men’s wear provider to Bill Nye The Science Guy
Seattle, WA