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When not busy posting thoughts on faith, doubt, science, God, church and how we try to make it all fit together, I masquerade as a web designer with Watershed9, a small agency based in Vancouver, Canada.

In my former life as an aspiring rock star (weren’t we all) I was passionate about writing songs that would change the world. When the music died a slow indie band death, that passion remained so I decided to keep writing. My first book “Letters From the Slippery Slope” is NOT simply a collection of blog posts, but the prequel to the online saga, a record of my reckless five year journey into the evolution/creation controversy.

I Am Not a Science Geek…

or a paleobiologist (I only play one on TV). My lifelong fascination with Genesis and the ongoing debate about how we humans made it to this point in the universe is just that – a fascination. Some guys collect riding mowers or rental property in Phoenix. I ponder the potential of pond scum. I have sat on the back porch deep into the night wondering if Cains’ wife was really just the girl next door with a knack for making great falafels.

On Becoming A Fighter…

I hope that my wrestling with the messy questions of faith and doubt, science and theology, and the always dramatic evolution/creationism standoff will encourage you to get into the mud with me and start slingin’. Throw down your two cents worth. If you like what you read, please spread the discontent by linking, sharing or tossing a shoe into the next cubicle. If you don’t like what you read, even better! Let me know about it.

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My blog is built on WordPress and self-hosted. The theme is Avada, a full featured, do-everything website juggernaut that can’t be beat! Anna Anaka took most of my personal photos. I get most of my blog images from FotoliaWikimedia Commons, or from out of the back of my own Nikon D60.


This is my personal Blog. These are only opinions and the information I provide may change as new evidence surfaces, theories are proposed and expert witnesses are called to make their case. I cannot be held liable for any unsafe acts resulting from these online conversations including (but not limited to): book burnings, church parking lot kerfuffles, denominational splinters, and personal injury resulting from engagement in unmonitored prayer circles.